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Dear Retailer,

Welcome to the Cecily website; you can use this site to view Cecily products or to contact us.

If you are an existing customer you can request a logon code, then you are able to order goods on your account from this site. You can either use the site's shopping cart or download a copy of the order form.

We are always looking for new retailers to sell Cecily products. If you wish to stock Cecily - providing your shop is a good "fit" for Cecily and is not located near one of our existing customers - then contact us. You can download a copy of our retailer credit application. Complete this and then fax it to +64 3 3287152.

You can now get your tea towels packaged in light weight card cylinders - see the image below. These cylinders are about the size of the cardboard cylinder that's the centre of a toilet roll. They show the tea towel image on the front; while on the back there is a short blurb about Cecily and why a Cecily tea towel makes a great gift. The cylinders keep your tea towels ordered and clean; they have a barcode and can have a price sticker attached. The feedback we have received is that not only are they great for retailers, but customers purchasing a gift also prefer the tea towels packaged in this way.

Kind Regards,

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