Tea towel - Kakapo



Kakapo are large flightless nocturnal ground dwelling parrots with a life expectancy of over 90 years. They are the world’s only flightless parrot, as well as the heaviest – with males averaging just over 2kg. Males attract females by emitting low-frequency "booms". After 20-30 booms they give a high-pitched metallic "ching." They do this all night for the entire 2-4-month breeding season. Today kakapo are critically endangered with only 140 alive today.

These tea towels are the perfect purchase - iconic image, stylish design, necessary and inexpensive. They make a great gift because they are unbreakable and cheap to post. If they are not being sent around the globe how about buying one to jazz up a bottle of wine for that important friend? Tres chique!

750mm by 510mm ; 100% cotton; 75gsm.

Designed and printed in New Zealand.