Tea towel - Matariki



Matariki is a cluster of stars visible low in the North East sky just before dawn. Matariki’s appearance in midwinter signals the start of the Maori New Year. Matariki is relatively close to earth, a mere 440 light years away! The Matariki cluster is visible in other parts of the world, and is also known as Pleiades, Seven Sisters and Subaru.

A Matariki tea towel makes the perfect gift - either on its own or wrapped around a bottle of wine. It’s equally at home on your wall, over the oven door or in the “third drawer down”; some people even use it to dry dishes. This tea towel was ethically made,  then printed in NZ using biodegradable water based dyes.

5% of all sales go towards conservation in the Lewis Pass. Love your planet!